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Discounted Label Stock

The following products represent raw and finished materials that are discounted for various reasons, which are noted in the corresponding descriptions. Please note that these are just a few of the products that Griff Paper and Film have for sale at reduced pricing. We also have material for sale from our manufacturing customers, which Griff Paper and Film is helping to sell. If you need samples, pricing or desire to solicit your products via this service, please e-mail us at Thank you.

Item #: A-194

Holographic PSA Paper
Fasprism(TM) Classic Holographic / Perm (S246) / 40 SCK

Size & Quantity: 15" x 300,000'
Reason Available: Release Level did not meet customer specs.

Item #: A-102
Description: 8 pt. C1S Crack-n-Peel PSA/Perm Textile/78# S1S Scored.
Size & Quantity: 56" x 10,000'
Reason Available: Release Liner would not hold up to application temp

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