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LaminatingGriff has expanded its lamination capabilities to include multiple alloys of copper and aluminum ranging from 0.75mil to 5 mil. Plastics include PET, PEI, PEEK, and PI – thickness range from 1 mil to 7mil. More details...


Vapor deposited Aluminum (VDAL) is applied to various plastic substrates offering unique properties. VDAL greatly improves the barrier properties of the substrate, offers enhanced electrical properties, and many decorative applications. VDAL can also be used to limit the light transmission through a substrate. More details...

UV Coating

UV CoatingUV coatings offer a large range of functionalities to any base substrate. UV coatings are 100% reactive and use no solvents – making the coating process much greener than traditional coating techniques. More details...


Melt process polymer extrusion offers a large range of product capabilities. GPF offers a wide range of polymer types, standard and custom surface finishes, thickness, embossing, and colors. In-house custom blending, matching, and polymer engineering offers pinpoint solutions to maximize your product’s performance. More details...

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Griff Paper and Film is a leader in supplying U.S. and global industries with specialty paper and film products. For over a quarter of a century, Griff has developed thousands of unique materials that have provided solutions to our customer's worldwide.

With our professional service, vast inventory, specialized converting capabilities, and key business partners on all seven continents we have provided our U.S. and international clients clear advantages in quality, speed of delivery, service, and cost effectiveness. Please take a moment to not only go through our products, but also check out our services which may prove to be very helpful.

Griff Paper and Film has an extensive supply of specialized paper for all types of applications. Our ability to efficiently convert these products to a customer's specifications gives a clear economical advantage to our clients all around the world.

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Griff recognizes that our growing client base has a definite need for a dependable development collaboration ready with both equipment and expertise capable of providing the appropriate materials and applications for cost effective growth in the most demanding market places today. Read more...

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We assist our customers identify the material they need for their projects everyday. Let us help you choose the best material for your needs. Contact a Griff representative to find out what material you need!

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Converting ServicesGriff Paper and Film offers converting services to make your projects easier with exact sizes.


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Automotive Films

Griff is a custom manufacturer of thermoformable sheets used to produce an endless array of shapes and components for OEM and after-market interiors and molded parts. We offer a wide range of thicknesses and finishes to meet the demanding automotive market.

Medical Device Films

Griff produces films to thermoforming medical device manufacturers which offer advantages over injection molding such as lower tooling costs and quicker lead times to market, essential in the medical field. Our films offer improved safety features - improved flame properties, and custom colors and finishes to assure product differentiation.